Steering your

business through

a changing world

Steering your business

through a changing world

About us

Nemec+Chvatal is an independent public affairs consultancy situated in the heart of the Brussels EU district.

We are proud to work for an international client base in supporting their business objectives in the EU, at member state level and towards international institutions. At Nemec+Chvatal we bring fresh thinking to the public affairs process and take a personalised, results-driven approach.

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Our vision

A fact-based approach

At Nemec+Chvatal facts come first. We use only robust and verified information in defending the interests of clients and work with experts, scientists, and the academic community to ensure that the positions we promote are evidence-based.

Proven expertise tailored to your needs

We are able to draw on a wide network of senior advisors in advancing the interests of your business and delivering results. These include former politicians, regulators, and business leaders. We work across a broad range of sectors and have specific experience in health, defence, chemicals, transport, research and green policy areas.

Acting professionally and ethically

We approach public affairs in a transparent and ethical manner. Our business is built on the founding principles of honesty, intellectual integrity and loyalty towards both our clients and the broader public.

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