Strategic Consulting

We create and implement external communications strategies designed to increase the understanding of a client’s interests among its target audiences. We use a variety of channels including traditional and digital media and events. Strong emphasis is placed on measuring the impact of the campaign in order that it can evolve and build over time.

Reputation Management and Agenda Setting

In managing your reputation and reaching out to stakeholders we will prepare a broad set of supporting materials that carry key facts, messages and proof points. These include press releases, position papers and Q&As. We can also help you in drafting talking points and keynotes speeches for your senior management. By reaching out and communicating with these materials we can begin to shape the agenda and bring your issues to the fore.

Media Relations

We advise businesses on communicating with media in a fresh and engaging manner. Capitalising on our long-term relations with key journalists and media outlets we work to advance the needs and interests of our clients by profiling them in both traditional and online media.

Dedicated Policy Event Management

Creating your own event is an excellent way to deliver key messages to your target audiences and to prompt dialogue and discussion. We can support you in the setting up and running of events, workshops, roundtables and seminars. These can be held in our own office located next to the EU Institutions or at another venue in the EU district. Events are increasingly being held highly successfully online. These digital events typically attract a larger audience and, because they are time-efficient, can also serve to entice more high-profile speakers who can share their insights without having to leave their desk. Whether face-to-face, online or hybrid, we are able to create a communication platform to allow you to engage with key stakeholders and advance the interests of your business.

Funding Applications

Helping clients to meet the formal requirements of funding applications is a specialist area and one with which we are very familiar. We can guide you as to the funding instruments available and support you both during and after the submission of the application. We can also support clients in navigating the application processes for grants, contracts and prizes whether direct or indirect.

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