Research & Intelligence

Intelligence Gathering

In gathering the intelligence needed to prepare client campaigns we use a variety of information sources - public, non-public, electronic, and traditional - together with our network of contacts. The information, facts and data are then analysed and used to create a tailored outreach program.

Policy Monitoring and Early Warning System

Our client offer includes the continuous monitoring of EU and national regulatory environments. This allows us to identify potential opportunities and threats and to alert clients swiftly. We operate an early warning system which ensures that you will be among the first to receive news that matters to your business and can respond in a flexible and efficient manner.

Issue Analysis

We undertake in-depth research to provide a full picture of the challenges and opportunities facing your business. This includes a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the issues, policy areas and regulatory landscape.

Perception Audit

Personalised surveys among key stakeholders can deliver detailed information on how your business and sector are perceived by regulators, think tanks, civil society and media. They provide clients with an honest, independent assessment of their reputation, while offering decision-makers real-life feedback on their work. This approach can be mutually beneficial and promote constructive cooperation for the future.

Political Risk Assessment

We help you to mitigate the volatilities that can place your business at risk. Working in cooperation with our consultants and Senior Advisors we will provide you with an assessment of political trends and economic developments at both country and sector level of relevance to your business.

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