Public Affairs &



Public Affairs &

Government Relations

Strategy Development & Narrative Building

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive lobbying and advocacy strategy that sets long-term campaign goals as well as short-term tactical milestones. By building a tailor-made narrative for our clients we can defend and advance their objectives while also meeting the needs of the regulator.

Stakeholder Mapping & Outreach

At the outset we will undertake a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify key decision-makers, regulators and other stakeholders from the EU Institutions, member states, international organisations and businesses. We then analyse their respective positions in order to identify potential allies and detractors for your business. We plan and execute tailor-made outreach programmes designed to establish constructive relationships and promote the interests of our clients. These include meetings, position papers, fact sheets and letter writing. Working with the you we will prepare the key messaging, proof points and supplementary materials needed for the stakeholder outreach programme.

Coalition Building

We are experienced in identifying industry partners who face similar challenges and in creating issue-based alliances to coordinate on key positions, share resources and leverage advocacy potential. When necessary, we will engage stakeholders up and down your value chain – from scientists to suppliers - to showcase the complexity of the challenges facing the market and present policy-makers with solutions and options.

Consortia Management

We support matchmaking between prospective consortia partners with shared business objectives. This includes facilitating every aspect of its work on the official EU platforms, such as funding application, from the initial formation through to the day-to-day management and execution of its agenda.

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